about quicklinx

basically qx.cx is able to simplify long web addresses by abbreviating them

new quicklinx are also customisable, enabling you to control the name
choose to make it memorable, comedic or obscene it's up to you

for example ganjle.com/web/mail could simply be qx.cx/7
or qx.cx/mail, qx.cx/XXX, qx.cx/something, qx.cx/...?

create quicklinx now

simply drag the links below straight onto the bookmark bar of your browser

'home' will take you to the home page for manual quicklinx creation,
'auto' will link the webpage you are on and return a new simple quicklinx,
'custom' is 'auto' plus you are asked for your customised short name

home: qx.cx, auto: qx, custom: qx+